No Business Like Snow Business

It takes experience to straddle the Mason-Dixon line twice each year.
Here are three snowbird couples who have mastered the art.
Robin and Judi Honiss on Little Gull: “It’s a privilege to be a snowbird,” says Robin.

The annual migration of people heading north begins in a matter of weeks, shortening lines at intersections and grocery stores and emptying calendars of notations about symphonies, distinguished lectures and charity balls. An estimated half of all beachside residents participate in this spring ritual and veteran snowbirders have the logistics down cold. Having a system to get from point A to point B is helpful, they say, even with a steel-trap memory and duplicates of everything from computers to undergarments. It is darn-near required for snowbirds taking wing between three or more homes.

The big jobs are easy enough to hire out. Absent snowbirders often rely on property managers to deal with vacant-house matters, ranging from the routine changing of light bulbs and mowing of grass to plumbing problems and beach mouse invasions. For the 1,500 snowbirding clients of White Glove Storage & Delivery and Pak Mail Beachside, top concerns include safely shipping golf clubs and other vital “stuff” to a summer home and getting desired mail forwarded at the time of their choosing, says President Phil DeLange.

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