No Business Like Faux Business

Want a villa in the style of Santa Fe or the South of France? You can have one right here in Vero Beach with a little help from Barbara Clark and Don Hall.

Barbara Clark and Don Hall have created a partnership as timeless as the unique finishes they create for their clients in their Vero Beach studio. Ten years ago they merged two distinctly different viewpoints into the team that has become Barbara L. Clark Architectural Finishes. Their decorative painting business has been growing steadily since it began in 1995.

The seed of interest that blossomed into a full-time outlet for their creativity was sown more than 25 years ago, when Barbara saw the work of a fifth-generation wood grainer who helped in the renovation of her 1860s brick home in St. Louis. It was common many years ago to use oak in houses, Barbara explains, but it was also very expensive, so contractors would bring in painters to make a less expensive wood look like oak and walnut.

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