Messages From Margot

Author Margot Theis Raven has created a wonderful world of children, challenges and chocolate
The civilian world is not well acquainted with the military tradition of “the white table.” The symbol remembers service members held prisoner of war or missing in action.

Margot Theis Raven could have chosen several career paths for her creative life. As she tells it, she could have gone into theater and starved, could have been an artist and probably starved, or she could write—something people might pay her to do. Eventually, she touched on all three fields, shaping words into meaningful stories for young people, reading those stories to rapt audiences and blending oils into colorful impressions of the words that filled her head.

This talented woman lives in Charleston, South Carolina, but Vero Beach holds a special place in her heart. This is where her parents, Peggy and Bob Theis, have spent their winters for many years, sharing their home and friends with Margot and her children during family gatherings. Margot treasures the people she’s met, recognizing that they have “core values, and are respectful of so many things in life.” It’s a description her fans could apply to Margot as well.

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