Meadows Are For The Birds

If you're bored with your lawn, try a meadow instead -- the wildlife will thank you.
Golden tickseed, Florida’s state wildflower, is easy to grow and works well in a meadow.

Five hundred years ago when Ponce de Leon landed on our peninsula, it was so richly adorned with wildflowers that, according to local lore, he named it “Florida,” meaning “land of flowers.” As the state’s natural landscapes have been replaced by commercial, agricultural and residential development, many of our native flowers have struggled to survive and some species have vanished altogether.

Florida’s gardeners can help recreate the wildflower habitat by transforming some of their high-maintenance lawns with easy-to-care-for and sustainable meadows. There are a number of ways to turn some of your lawn into a meadow and manage it so that it not only looks good, but also provides important habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

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