Making Waves With Lou Maresca

An Internationally recognized surfing school attracts young and old alike.
Lou Maresca, kneeling by his surfboard with (from left to right) instructor Jerry Anders, instructor Janna Shell, Lawrence Brashears, Anne Heskel, Michelle Nash, and instructor Lisa Mead.

It’s 9:30 on an overcast Saturday morning at the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. While most teachers are sound asleep or just waking up to a fresh cup of coffee, Lou Maresca is standing under Pavilion No. 2 lecturing about the dangers of the ocean. This is not some sort of punishment created by an angry science teacher out to reprimand his students. Maresca is the founder, owner and main instructor of the Central Florida Surfing School. And Saturday is one of his busiest school days.

Toronto residents Alex Corey and Alex Last, both eighth graders, make up today’s student body. The lesson: learning how to surf. The boys study Maresca’s movements as he demonstrates how to “pop up” on a surf board. Dressed in dark shades, a pair of faded blue jeans, a long-sleeve black pullover and Vans sneakers, the 50-something Maresca lays his lean body across a picnic table, which doubles as a surfboard for this purpose. Then on the count of three, he hops up,  strategically placing his feet on the center board. The sea grapes and palm trees that surround the building double as other surfers, while the pavilion’s posts serve as a set of waves.

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