Light My Fire

Deborah Darnell’s ingenious invention has ignited a new and unexpected career.
It started with her appreciation of beauty and now is a thriving business for Deborah Darnell. The Social Light is an elegant alternative to a regular lighter. You can choose from an assortment of designs, styles and colors, one for each type of table setting or occasion.

Picture the scene: an elegant dinner party for 12. The table is set with the very finest linen, china and crystal; candles encircle a floral centerpiece and the champagne is chilling in a silver bucket. All that’s needed to make it complete is to dim the chandelier and light the candles.

The hostess opens a drawer, shuffles through its contents and pulls out a long red plastic lighter. No, no, not the Bic used to light the outdoor grill! The very thought has Deborah Darnell groaning in mock horror. For someone who appreciates beauty, that just would not do.

“I was seeing women on television in these wonderful settings who were lighting candles with these flame throwers. Then they’d quickly put them out of sight,” says Deborah. “If you have this lovely table arrangement, who wants to pull out something that looks like a power tool or a gun? It really destroys the atmosphere.

“So that’s when I started asking myself the question, why do we light candles? They play an important role in religious ceremonies, at social functions, anytime there is a special occasion—for instance, the lighting of a unity candle during a wedding.

Read the entire article in the March 2006 issue