Lest We Forget: A Tale Of Two Brians

Capt. (now Maj.) Brian Von Herbulis with 2-year-old Brinley and wife Eileen.

With the headlines concentrating on Iraq, it’s easy to forget that there is still a major U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. We were reminded of it last September when the magazine’s subscriptions manager, Barbara Von Herbulis, informed us that her 33-year-old son, Capt. Brian Von Herbulis, was on his way to Kabul. Since then, the magazine staff has sent Brian and his fellow Marines “care packages” of snacks, coffees, teas and other comforts from home. To show that our thoughts were with our men in Iraq, too, we also “adopted” Capt. Dan Haigler, who hails from Vero Beach.

Read the entire article in the March 2006 issue