Larger Than Life

After 20 years of teaching art to local students, Cynci Cutter is back in the place she loves most--her own studio.
Cynci Cutter’s lush tropical painting Begonia Breeze reflects the nature that inspires her art.

What do painting, sweeping, teaching, traveling, gardening, a fluffy white cat, pumpkins and yoga have in common? “Me!” says artist Cynthia “Cynci” Cutter with an exuberant smile.

What she means becomes apparent during a visit to her Old Florida-style island home in Vero Beach. Streams of sunlight flood through large windows and sliding glass doors. The lush tropical landscape outside seems to transform the inner structure of the house itself, and no wonder. Cynci is passionate about the colorful hibiscus, delicate ginger lilies, exotic birds of paradise, giant elephant ears, finger-like palm fronds and multi-colored striped crotons that surround her like a natural cocoon.

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