Just Say No to Poisons

There is a reason that signs like this are mandated--poisons can harm not only the bugs, but pets and children as well.

Widespread use of insecticides in our landscapes is causing myriad problems. A poison is toxic whether it’s made from organic sources or artificial chemicals, and broad-spectrum insecticides may be poisonous to  animals.

Landscapers are required to post warning signs after insecticide treatments for a good reason: those poisons could harm your pets or your children. States the EPA: “…Pesticides need to be used carefully and judiciously, especially when used in sensitive areas where children are present. Children are more sensitive than adults to pesticides. Young children can have greater exposure to pesticides from crawling, exploring, or other hand-to-mouth activities.”

The pesticide companies downplay the dangers and promote the benefits of pesticides, otherwise they’d go out of business. A direct quote from the promotional verbiage for an insecticide spraying system states “…our product has been proven effective in not only reducing mosquitoes but other insects as well, including spiders, flies, ticks, roaches and fleas.”

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