Journey to Recovery

Mental health facilities want people to know healing starts with getting help
Tabitha Grant is a certified addiction professional and the clinical director at Beachside Rehab. “The old-fashioned stigma attached to addiction just doesn’t work anymore.”

Thirteen years ago Tabitha Grant’s dreams and hopes for the future were snatched away. Her husband, who had been sober for as long as she had known him, slipped back into alcohol addiction and their lives were turned upside down. 

“When we got married I knew he was in recovery, and I thought oh, this guy really has his life together,” says Tabitha, recalling what had once been. “We had two young daughters, we worked hard, were fairly successful, and everything was going great.”

Except it wasn’t. 

The signs were there but she didn’t recognize them.

For those who have recovered from the stigma of alcohol and drug addiction, stumbling back onto the path to nowhere can happen all too easily as Tabitha, the clinical director at Beachside Rehab, an independent family-owned luxury drug rehab center on North Hutchinson Island, well knows. For the past four years she has overseen customized addiction therapy programs and can attest to their effectiveness.  

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