Vero Beach Magazine - September 2021

Picture Perfect

In a late spring editorial meeting, we started dreaming about travel. That dream turned into our 2021 Inaugural Travel Photo Contest. After two months of culling through hundreds of submissions, we have some winners!

Dropping Anchor

In late 2017, Valerie Grassano was on the hunt for a new place to call home in Vero Beach. She found an ideal build opportunity on a vacant lot in The Anchor at The Moorings. Her new home exudes peace and harmony. Calming shades of blue and teal, inspired by the colors of the pool and surrounding water, gently play off white walls and wide-plank white oak floors, stained a deep mahogany. “It was meant to be,” says Grassano, reflecting on a moonlit night shortly after their move. “We were having dinner outside when we heard swishing sounds. The dolphins … were welcoming us home.”

A Bright Future

Stuart Hirstein is looking towards greater achievements for his students as head of Saint Edward’s School. “We aim to graduate students who will be prepared for college and beyond, who will be active and valuable citizens in their communities, and who exhibit the power of human kindness and a generosity of spirit,” Hirstein emphasizes. “Knowing how far we’ve come, and with an eye on where we’re going, I’m looking forward to a bright future!”

In the Driver's Seat

College and a budding career kept Jessica Linus Watford far from Florida, but when she was ready for something new, working at her family’s business for a summer seemed like the perfect way to plan her next move. It didn’t take long before she realized she not only liked the work she was doing at the Linus Cadillac Buick GMC dealership, but she was good at it.

Defense Department

Boosting immune system health is something that everyone can do by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Making better choices in what we eat, how we relieve stress, and how much we sleep and exercise can improve our ability to fight illness.

Happy at Home

Life for a house cat should entail much more than sleeping and eating. Fishing pole-style toys, take-out bags, herbs, cardboard tubes and regular pedicures will keep your kitty fit and entertained. Even if your feline friend is the picture of contentment, employing scents, toys, play and attention will be rewarding for both of you.