Vero Beach Magazine - November 2010

How DST Sprang Forward – And Fell Back

Most people don’t realize it, but this month’s ballot has greater significance than whether or not the Democrats retain control of Congress. It will be the first time that a midterm election has taken place during Daylight Saving Time (DST), which ends five days later.

Sedges, Rushes and Grasses, Oh My!

Grasses and grass-like plants abound in Florida and many are important as crops, habitat, lawns, and garden plants. The majority of these plants have wind-pollinated flowers, which means that they don’t need colorful petals, nectar or scents to attract insects. Even without these showy flower features, many grasses and grass-like plants can still make a significant and lush statement in your landscape.

The Little Inn That Could

This story begins with a woman’s smile. Glenn Northey was at a South Beach restaurant in Miami when he looked up and saw a beautiful brunette smiling at him. Deciding to seize the moment he had the waitress deliver a drink to her table in hopes of meeting her. He did. Her name was Vera Seemann, he asked for her telephone number and the rest, as they say, is history.

Art With an Italian Accent

Italian-born Ivo David is an artist for whom the mantle of “maestro” is neither heavy nor constrictive; indeed, the term clings to him as gracefully as a hand-tailored Armani suit. And why shouldn’t it? The term was made to order for Ivo, paid by him over a lifetime of experience with the cold, hard currency of work.

Where Every Child Is a Star

With anticipation shining in her eyes, Shannon Maloney first skipped through the doors of Riverside Children’s Theatre as a second-grader. On her way to an acting class, she was about to discover a world of wonder where she could be a princess or pirate one day, a flower or frog the next. Since then Shannon has participated in numerous classes and workshops that have enhanced her natural acting, dancing and musical abilities; she has also performed onstage and been busy working behind the scenes. For the now high school senior her RCT experiences have been so positive she plans to pursue acting in college.

Crazy About Crackers

My husband Don and I used to go to an ancient saloon in Sweetwater with a sawdust-covered, beer-washed floor, where a live band played country western music while we nibbled on frog legs – deep fried in sizzling peanut oil – and in between sets, listened to recordings of Eddie Arnold.