Vero Beach Magazine - May 2012

Spanish Secrets And Forgotten Books

Moorings residents Barbara Gervais and Judi Honiss possess a passion for reading, and it’s been with them for as long as they can remember. Today they are active members of several book clubs that read mainly fiction with a smattering of memoirs. When Moorings Club Manager Craig Lopes determined that the club was ready for its own literary society, he called upon this pair of dynamic and cultivated readers to organize it.

A Passion For Paint: Tales From The Trenches

As one of the country’s best small “art towns,” Vero Beach is brimming with smart, creative and energetic people. Artsy types have been flocking here since the turn of the 20th century, though some didn’t fully blossom until after their arrival. Spending time in our quaint seaside municipality seems to feed the imagination as much as bigger and better known cultural meccas like New York City and Santa Fe

Navigating The Battle With Cancer

When Denise Hudspeth joined the oncology staff at Indian River Medical Center a year ago she wasted no time in scheduling regular support group meetings for those dealing with all types of cancer, as well as their families and friends. The response has been overwhelmingly positive as witnessed by the number of individuals who come to learn about the options and resources available to them, share experiences and encourage one another.

Name Your Poison

No matter where we hang our Stetsons, the subdivision we all share is the Atlantic coastal ridge, sometimes called the rim of the Everglades, a narrow strip of land elevated a little higher than a curb and platted with beach and dunes, turtle grass jungles, mangrove swamps, tidal mud flats, marshes, hammocks, prairies, pastures and piney flatlands. Like any Eden, our idyllic parcel is also favorable to the mythical apple, the poisoned fruit. (The apple, incidentally, is not just mythically toxic. Slice through its equator and you’ll find a pentagram of chambers, each holding a lustrous brown seed veined with cyanide.)

Dastardly Doings In The American Desert

Mary Snyder has always been an avid reader. This you would expect from the person who is the Director of Library Services for Indian River County. However, she admits she went into the library field only after abandoning her childhood dream of becoming a race-car driver. So it is no wonder that her choice in reading tends toward the fast-paced, pressure-packed and tension-driven fiction written by authors such as Robert Crais.

The Lessons I learned From Lassie

Career paths can be guided by opportunity, education, fate, and often just dumb luck. Mine began in the back yards of indulgent neighbors, before the word “liability” crept into our lexicon. No spaniel, poodle or mutt was exempt from my unflagging attention.