Vero Beach Magazine - March 2010

Tuesdays with Marjory

The federal land office once called the Everglades “a pestilential swamp,” a forbidding morass too sickly and sterile to merit survey, better abandoned to the Indians and runaway slaves who sought sanctuary in its watery fastness.

A Fashion King Heads South

A press release from J. McLaughlin, a retailer of stylish clothing for women and men, sums up the stores’ appeal thusly: “Based in New York, J. McLaughlin has made homes in 40 chic locales nationwide, serving up classic clothes with an original twist.… It’s the Hamptons with a sense of humor, New Canaan with nerve, Palm Beach with passion and Charlotte with charm.”

The Young At Art

Just one month after its official opening, Vero Beach’s Youth Transition Center, which provides a home for young people ages 18-23 who have “aged out” of the foster-care system, held its first major event.