Vero Beach Magazine - June 2000

A Home Run

When the United States decided to field two teams for the Olympics, Les was a natural candidate. He had played well in Japan and the American team would again be picked by Leslie Mann, executive secretary of the United States Baseball Congress.

A Labor Of Love

Week after week, they came in droves. There were bank managers and office workers, a horticulturist and a librarian, a circle of 50 friends and staff from Sea Oaks, and winter visitors from New York and Kentucky.

The House of Champions

Gus Curren, the spunky, 25-year-old owner of The House of Champions, has loved boxing for as long as he can remember. He attended his first fight when he was six to watch an uncle compete in a kick-boxing match.

The Boat People

“So, what exactly do you do on a boat?” There is something about being a live-aboard that makes people look at you a little strangely, and for the first few months the question would put me on the defensive.

The Terrifying Voyage Of The Mary T

When you first meet the Johnston brothers you get the distinct impression that you are in the presence of tremendous competence. They are articulate, polite, good-looking and love their children. They’re the kind of men you’d like to have around in an emergency.

Hunting For The Highwaymen

Florida in the late 1950s was a very different place from the one we know today: softer, slower, with more time to smell the orange blossoms. Remember, we’re talking pre-I-95 and I-75 — even Mickey didn’t live here in those days.