Vero Beach Magazine - July 2021

Winged Victory

Millions of dollars in undiscovered treasure sits off the coast from Sebastian to Fort Pierce as part of the 1715 fleet of Spanish ships that sunk just offshore. On June 28, 2020, a pair of determined treasure hunters, Capt. Henry Jones and First Mate Tracy Newman, headed out from the Fort Pierce Inlet for another day of searching. What they found was a missing piece of history.

Plein Air Paradise

The British West Indies-style home designed by Moulton Layne and built by Croom Construction became home to Dave and Nancy Herbert in 2021 after they spent decades of moving around to follow a career in financial services. Their home in the Floralton Beach area of the barrier island, has a casual, open and airy plan with large windows that create a bright indoor living space.

The Mystery of the Museum Lion

Vero Beach Museum of Art Curator Anke Van Wagenberg was on a mission to find the origins of the museum’s majestic bronze lion, the sculpture that guards the entrance to the museum. Her detective work includes stories from more than a century ago from all over the world, and reveals why the lion lived in The Moorings for a time, and how it made its way to its current magnificent spot at the museum in 1982.

The Gang's All Here

Over the years, while Vero Beach has been become home to thousands of solid citizens, it appears that it was also home to a few bad apples of the gangster variety also walked our streets decades ago. “Entrepreneurs” John J. Williams and Harry Roberts leased what would later become the Ocean Grill, but they hailed from the Chicago nightclub scene and its organized crime-affiliated gambling establishments.

Growing With the Times

Schacht Groves now encompasses 145 acres of citrus land, and the well-known Vero Beach family business now includes a popular Farm Store, a U-pick area begun in 2020, and new Farm-to-Table-Dinners hosted on the property twice a month. Third generation citrus grower Louise Schacht continues to find ways to keep the family business growing.