Vero Beach Magazine - January 2022

Frontline Physician

Much loved community practitioner Dr. Gerald Pierone sprang into action when COVID-19 arrived in Vero Beach. Pierone, founder of Whole Family Health Center and the Pierone Research Institute, deployed these resources to save lives.

Working Wonders

Camp Haven, a nonprofit organization that receives no federal funding, opened its doors just seven years ago, and since then, more than 200 men in Indian River County have transformed their lives. Chuck Bradley, executive director, explains, "When residents graduate, they're gainfully employed and have a purpose; they have their lives back."

Ready, Set, Solve

Most of us think of solving crossword puzzles as a leisurely affair. We'll take you behind the scenes of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, where the most recent winner completed the final puzzle in three minutes flat. These serious solvers "represent a surprisingly wide range of background and occupations," and they come for the challenge and camaraderie.

Ain't Life Grand?

Members of Grand Harbor Golf and Beach Club claim the people are the heart and soul of the club. Now those people are the club's owners, and it's a bright new day. Member Kathy Tonkel notes, "We are very optimistic and pleased with the direction the club is going."

Impressionist Immersion

"Vero Beach reminds me of the Florida I experienced as a child," notes Connecticut-based artist Deborah Cotrone. With a little help from a modern-day patron, she immersed herself in the community for three months, spent every day painting, and discovered her new muse.