Vero Beach Magazine - January 2012

Protecting the Predators

If scary images from the movie Jaws come to mind, you’re not alone. Portrayed on film as dangerous predators that target human beings, nothing could be further from the truth – in reality, most sharks avoid human contact, preferring to feast on crustaceans, fish, seals and birds. The issue environmentalists have been concerned about is that the shark population has declined significantly over the last 20 years mainly due to severe overfishing. This is the result of demand in China and other Asian countries for shark-fin soup, a delicacy that has generated a lucrative, billion-dollar market.

Birds Of A Feather

November 18: Players enjoyed a delightful day of golf at Bent Pine Golf Club for the ELC’s 19th annual Charity Golf Tournament – Birds of a Feather Golf Together.

Just For Dashing Dogs

Eric LaHaise and John Strausberg, owners of Soirée Kitchen to Table, have transformed their love of canines into a new business, The Dashing Dog Store on Beachland Boulevard.

New Promotion at Windsor

W. Galen Weston, co-founder of Windsor, named Betsy Hanley as president of Torwest Inc., the developer of Windsor. In addition to her new responsibilities, she will continue in her role as president of Windsor Real Estate Inc. and Orchid Island Real Estate.

IRMC Earns "Best Place To Work"

Indian River Medical Center has been selected for the third year in a row as one of the Best Places to Work in Indian River County by Workforce Solutions. The company was one of four chosen in the 150-employees-and over category.

The Cookies Are Coming!

Okay, so the long splurge that began with Thanksgiving and ended on New Year’s Day is finally over. But don’t reach for those diet books just yet – a tsunami of Girl Scout cookies will be heading your way when the organization’s annual cookie sales program starts on January 19.

A Celebration of Citrus Style

Indian River citrus began in 1807, and rapidly became the most important agricultural product in our area. While our local fruit, especially grapefruit, is popular in many countries, our leading importer is Japan – Indian River grapefruit accounts for over 95 percent of all of the Florida fruit shipped there.

Learning to Love the Great Outdoors

Heightened ecological awareness among people born since the post-World War II baby boom has helped turn ecotourism into a fast-growing niche market in Indian River County. Residents and tourists alike have an abundance of outdoorsy activities to choose from that combine fun with sensitivity to the area’s unique and fragile ecosystems. Natural habitats represented within the county range from mangrove swamps, where American alligators roam alongside roseate spoonbills, to pine flatwoods, where endangered Florida scrub jays sing and gopher tortoises burrow.

A Farewell to Hadley

As well as being a leading Vero Beach Realtor, Charlotte Terry is president of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation, which promotes literary programs in the community, and is past president of the Indian River Literary Society. As a staunch supporter of writers both published and non-published she is, of course, an avid reader.

Portrait of the Artist as a Family Man

“For me a strong work of art is the result of a powerful experience. I am attracted to everyday sensations and find myself responsive towards the subtle beauty of things, the hours when there is tranquility of light, the rhythms of nature,” says painter Luke Steadman.

Is Your Dog a Social Disaster?

We are all more popular when walking with our dogs in tow. People smile at us and sometimes stop to chat. While it can be delightful to take a stroll with your furry best friend, some of our pint-sized darlings lunge and bark like crazed banshees when they see an unfamiliar face or, heaven forbid, an interloping dog in their neighborhood. I recently addressed this problem with a pretty 18-month-old Jack Russell terrier appropriately named Zippy. Zippy’s habit is to intimidate visitors to her opulent home by barking and leaping with all the menace that her 12-pound body can muster. She has, when the spirit moved her, nipped several visitors and workmen.