Vero Beach Magazine - January 2005

Sarasota: The Culture Coast

The city of Sarasota within the county of Sarasota is a sophisticated, casually elegant cosmopolitan cultural center, offering top-drawer entertainment, an outstanding art museum and thriving art community, a long list of gourmet dining opportunities, a vibrant social season, fashionable shopping and first-class accommodations.

A Little Sister Remembers

Though Draper Kauffman died a quarter-century ago, he still lives in the heart of his younger sister, Betty Lou, now Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, who spends part of each year at her home in the Moorings.

Underwater Warrior

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had poor eyesight, Draper Kauffman would probably be remembered as just another Navy man who fought long and honorably during World War II.