Vero Beach Magazine - February 2009

Growing Up Eco-Friendly

Many young people have spent enjoyable hours at the Environmental Learning Center in Vero Beach, but few have used the experience to such good effect as Taylor Tench.

Special Olympics: The Chance To Shine

First and foremost, they are athletes. Whether in the swimming pool, at the bowling alley, or on a track field, the enthusiasm these competitors bring to their sport is contagious, and as Jim Wood cheers them on he sees faces filled with joy.

Pictures Of The Year

With 119 total entries embodying a broad spectrum of talent, this year’s photo contest, sponsored by the Indian River Photo Club, lived up to the high standard we have come to expect from this annual event.

The Woman Who Loved Mr. Wright

A relatively brief and hidden chapter in the long life of architect Frank Lloyd Wright has become a stunning and richly detailed work of historical fiction in the hands of author Nancy Horan.

The World According To Carl

"There’s nothing wrong with Florida that a force-five storm wouldn’t fix,” Carl Hiaasen once remarked during a television interview. Given the state’s recent battering by hurricanes, it was a comment that might have evoked outrage if spoken by someone else. Coming from the man once called “the blazing conscience of the Sunshine State,” there wasn’t even a murmur.