In The Garden

Getting In Shape
A whimsical clipped topiary on a garden path provides interest and a focal point for visitors.

Some people abhor the thought of a black tie affair and avoid such events as they would a plague. They might well prefer a hog roast with a bluegrass band as an evening out. Others might opt for the formal affair. Of course, these are extremes. There is a large and diverse spectrum between the two. To each his own. And, so it is with gardening.

There are those who prefer a native landscape where little care is required and the atmosphere would be conducive to a hog roast and a bluegrass band. At the other extreme are clipped hedges and very orderly gardens where one is likely to find examples of espalier and topiary. Again, there are many levels in between. As is true of the social settings, there is nothing wrong with either extreme. It is purely a matter of personal preference.

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