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Florida Fancy
Some pots are just plain fun! Here, two bromeliads are the focal point in a pastiche of ornamental peppers, ivy geraniums, dahlberg daisies and dusty miller. Notice the contrasts in texture.

Remember on Monty Python when they used to say: “And now for something completely different…” That’s what we’re considering here. Almost anyone can enjoy a pot of geraniums and, in fact, many do. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that but, more and more, plants and their containers are being used as artistic accents to the exterior architecture of homes. It is the uniqueness of these plant and pot pairings that is their strength.

Plunking a pot of flowers anywhere will brighten the spot and provide joy to all who happen upon it. Here, though, we are speaking about a little more consideration being given to a proposed site.  Sometimes, an in-depth analysis will help find what is just right. Is drama a goal? Maybe whimsy is the objective.  Does the space require something grandiose or would less be more?

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