In Print: A Romp In The Swamps

One of Florida’s favorite villains kills off more unlucky victims in novel No. 13.
Florida author Tim Dorsey: “Actually, Serge is totally me. I know it’s scary, but at least I have impulse control.”

Author Tim Dorsey loves driving around Florida in his gray ’96 Cadillac Deville. He visits out-of-the-way places, checks out oddball tourist attractions, drinks in open-air bars, mingles with locals and takes photographs. But he is not playing tourist. He is doing research for his book series that is part travelogue, part Florida history, part mystery and a whole lot of what he calls “surreal satire.”

All of that about sums up Electric Barracuda, Dorsey’s 13th novel in the series featuring vigilante serial killer Serge Storm. Serge is still on the run from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as well as from authorities in local jurisdictions and various SWAT teams, because of the long trail of dead bodies in his wake. Staying a step ahead of the law often annoyingly interferes with his true mission – plotting a circuitous route for his Internet travel site, which advises his readers on how to tour Florida as a fugitive.

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