Heard It On The Grapevine

Raise a glass with Edward McLaughlin and Dale Sorensen, two of Vero Beach’s most knowledgeable oenophiles.
From left: Ed McLaughlin and Dale Sorensen display selections from their wine cellars. Ed’s special interest is French Burgundies. Both Ed and Dale have traveled to several of the French vineyards where Burgundy wines are produced.

Edward McLaughlin remembers well his Wall Street days back in the 1960s, when he commuted by train from Connecticut to a New York office. As one of a group of commuters who had their own railroad car, complete with private porter, he came to realize that this was just too long a cocktail hour to be consuming hard liquor, and decided to explore a wine shop in town.

There, he was introduced to something he calls the love of his wine life: French Burgundy. In the decades since that introduction, Edward’s initial appreciation of the wine has blossomed into a passion for the rare vintages produced by small winemakers in the Burgundy region, where some wines are still bottled by hand.

There are two different kinds of collectors, he says—those who collect wine to keep and those who collect it to drink. Edward places himself in the latter category, finding great joy in sharing with friends a particularly fine selection from his cellar. 

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