Green House By The Sea

How do you turn a 70-year-old home into a marvel of 21st-century efficiency?
A local team discovers the answer.
The living section of the cottage’s great room is awash in blues from the fabrics, rug and the ocean viewed through unadorned windows. The open French doors reveal the sandy beach just steps away.

“We restored the beach house not just because we wanted to live next to the ocean, but also out of a sense of legacy,” says the owner of a 1940s beach cottage. He continues, “A large Mediterranean house had been approved for the site and it would be a shame to have lost a simple beach house and a small piece of Vero Beach history to a 21st-century monstrosity.”

The wife of the owner of this “green” cottage first spent her spring break in the South Beach area of Vero Beach with her parents and siblings in the late 1950s. Subsequently, her family owned condominiums on the beach. After their marriage, she and her husband continued the tradition.

One day on a beach walk in 2008, the couple asked each other, “What would it take to spend more time here?” They had long wanted to bring their dogs to Vero Beach but needed room for them. They agreed the time to buy or build a house had finally come. One thing was certain: their new dwelling had to be on the ocean.

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