Golfing With Steve Archer

Steve Archer, Quail Valley Golf Pro.

As I drive up the cobblestone entry into the Quail Valley Golf Club, the rolling banks of the 40-acre practice area make me feel as if I’m back in my native North Carolina. I’m also reminded of how horrible I am at golf. Throughout high school and college, the only golf I could grasp was “frisbee golf,” and I wasn’t even much good at that.

Nearly 10 years ago when I moved to Vero Beach, I thought I should make the effort and try to figure this game out. With near-perfect golfing weather year-round and more than 900 courses, it makes perfect sense to learn the game if you live in Florida. In Indian River County alone there are six public and 12 private courses.

My father-in-law gave me a hand-me-down set of clubs, and a friend and I headed out to the driving range once a week to hit balls after work. The first week was not so bad. I hit the ball fairly straight, landing in the 125-yard range.

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