For Love Of The Land

Carol and Jeff Twyman build a timeless Low Country treasure on the river.
A shimmering image of the Twymans’ two-story home, with multiple porch columns and dormer windows, is reflected in the swimming pool.

When Carol Twyman talks about how she and her husband, Jeff, ended up building a home in John’s Island, the sparkle in her eyes says there’s more to the story than square footage, bricks and mortar. After years of short seasonal stays in their riverfront home near the Environmental Learning Center, the Twymans decided it was time to either renovate or relocate. Jeff was in the process of selling Greenline Foods, a produce company he founded 25 years ago, and looking forward to pursuing other interests. Carol was anticipating spending more time with family and tending to her garden.

So what brought the couple from Bowling Green, Ohio, to Vero Beach in the first place? Agriculture. “We started growing green beans, following the seasons and Jeff knew growers in Fellsmere,” Carol explains. “Jeff was here just about every other week, so we bought this big old rambling house on Live Oak Drive. It was great when our kids were in college and they and their friends would come during spring break, but the house needed a lot of work. Because we were already on the river and enjoyed the wildlife so much, we knew that no matter what we ended up doing, we wanted to stay on the river. So we started looking around.”

That looking around led Jeff and Carol to John’s Island where their daughter Katie, whose college major was hospitality, had interned at the Beach Club. They liked the people they met there, and Jeff could see himself swimming laps in the club’s oceanfront pool. “We started going through open houses in John’s Island, and one of them was designed by Moulton Layne. Jeff and I were oohing and aahing our way from room to room when we came to the master bath, which was really large,” says Carol, spreading her arms wide. “I think I said something like, ‘Who in the world would design a bathroom this big?’ and David Moulton, who was standing right there, said, ‘I did.’”

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