Florida's Hot, Trees Are Cool

Trees, champions or not, are landmarks in Vero Beach

This title is also the title for a poster contest that the Sebastian Tree Advisory Board conducted for elementary students this past year in honor of national Arbor Day. The contest was judged by art students at Sebastian River High School and prizes were donated by local merchants. It was a significant and worthwhile endeavor that not only called attention to the importance of trees for all of us but also brought in another generation to continue the awareness of trees in our environment.

It is not secret that trees cool our earth and that shade is a sought-after commodity here in Florida. All one has to do is observe the location of cars in a shopping center parking lot. People are willing to park farther from the store if they can leave their car under the cooling canopy of an oak tree. yet developers continue to pave acres of parking lots with a scattering of palm trees. I guess they haven't noticed how much shoppers appreciate shade. In fact, it would seem that a cool and shady parking lot might be an inducement for people to patronize businesses. 

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