Equal Opportunity Gardening

Containers provide a versatile venue for many different types of plants.
Herbs do well in containers. They love the hot environment.

Containers provide more flexibility when it comes to choosing your plants and where to put them. You can feature your showiest plants in an entryway, for example, or on a porch or a balcony. After the flowering stops, move the container to make way for the next set of showy plants. When containers are the focal points in your landscape, your in-the-ground garden beds can serve as an easy-care, neutral background.

Choose plants that fit in with the resources available for ongoing care. If you know that the containers will receive water and other care only once a week, use large pots with good reserves of soil planted with succulents or other low-care plants. If you’re able to arrange for daily care or can install an automatic drip irrigation system, your choice of plants is naturally much wider.

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