Easy To Grow Winter Vegetables

Raised beds may be the best option for growing vegetables if you have sandy soil.

We here in Florida are fortunate that we can grow cool-weather vegetables right through the winter. It’s a good feeling that when you harvest your own produce, you know how it’s been treated from seed to table. For the past few years there has been a locavore movement to eat food that is produced within 150 miles of your house to save energy and to have fresher food. “Locavore” was the Oxford Dictionary’s 2007 word of the year and is defined as one who eats locally produced food. You can’t get any more local than eating from your own yard.

Many cool weather crops are easy to grow and you can design an edible garden of any size to fit your situation. A small edible garden can be grown in a few containers. A medium-sized garden can be set up in one or more raised beds. A larger in-ground garden provides as much room as you need or can care for.

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