Designing To A Deadline

The house had to be completely ready in record time. Here’s how it was done.
The family room is where the husband can be found early in the morning as he opens the doors to take in the view.

Wanted: House on the east coast of Florida with ocean view, large enough to accommodate an extended family.

That was just what a couple from Wisconsin had their hearts set on, yet what they thought would be easy to find, wasn’t. “It took us three years before we finally found this place,” says the husband. “We started looking at homes all the way from St. Augustine down to Vero Beach, where our family had vacationed at the Disney Resort so we were familiar with the area. One of the criteria was that there had to be five bedrooms.”

“Our family is very close and we tend to travel in a pack because we have such a good time together and needed the space,” his wife adds. “We loved this house even though it was a little more formal than we originally had in mind. During our search the realtor we worked with showed us a place that wasn’t for us although I loved the way it was decorated. The furniture, the colors, the accessories were just stunning – it was exactly the look I wanted.”

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