Den Mother To The Stars

Magical Memories Of Rock's Golden Age
Today, Vero Beach realtor Cindy O’Dare lives quietly in Castaway Cove with her husband Rory and daughters Katie and Lily. But 30 years ago (right) she and her lifelong friend, Jeri Jenkins, embarked on a 17-year adventure that made them the confidants of many of the world’s greatest rock stars.

The day that changed Cindy Johnson’s life began with no hint that something extraordinary was about to happen. It was in 1971, when she was studying art at Miami-Dade Community College with her best friend, Jeri Jenkins. The girls, both 19, had been close friends ever since they met on a playground when they were 8, and they had gone through the North Miami elementary, middle and high schools together.

From the start, they dreamed of working as a team. At 14, they got their first part-time jobs, Cindy in a pizza restaurant, Jeri in a candy store. Later, they worked together at a health food store.

At 18, they moved together to the community college with the goal of training as art teachers. With youthful naiveté, they decided it was also time to become entrepreneurs. “We tried a clothing line, Hit or Miss, which turned out to be a miss,” Cindy says. “And then we launched Antique Props — period piece rentals, which nobody wanted.”
Chastened, they came up with a more modest project: selling sandwiches to other students at MDCC, since, in those days, the college had no cafeteria.

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