Cupid's Cuisine

Liz Kennedy of Elizabeth D. Kennedy & Co. prepared an elegant Valentine’s dinner for two that even a novice cook can easily prepare.

Whether it celebrates a time-tested love or a romance in fresh bloom, Valentine’s Day has always been a very special day for lovers, one that requires more thought than an ordinary evening out. It’s true that you wouldn’t be too far off track with traditional chocolates and roses, followed by a cozy dinner in a candlelit restaurant. But when you want a really romantic dinner with no busy serving people milling about, let it be one you’ve prepared yourself—perhaps with a little help from some friends.

As a caterer, Elizabeth Kennedy, of Elizabeth D. Kennedy & Co. in Vero Beach, hasn’t made a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two that included herself for many years. So she was more than happy to sit down with Arthur Lewis, her chef of seven years, to work on a Valentine menu for Vero Beach Magazine readers. The result is a simple, elegant meal that even a novice can serve.

Read the entire article in the February 2006 issue