Covering All The Bases

Though nearly crippled by a boyish prank, Fay Vincent became a czar of two of America's most popular pastimes.
Fay Vincent at home in Orchid Island. He has no regrets about leaving baseball: “Life is just too short to put up with that kind of turmoil. I had better things to do.”

To sports fans, Fay Vincent will always be the baseball commissioner whose tumultuous reign over the game included feuds with two heavy hitters, Pete Rose and George Steinbrenner. But there’s a lot more to Vincent’s life than his reputation as one of baseball’s most colorful characters. As he likes to point out, he was commissioner for just three years, a short time compared to the 10 years he spent as the boss of Columbia Pictures.

Sitting in the den of his Orchid Island home in Vero Beach, Vin-cent says he finds it amusing that he worked in the sedate halls of the Securities & Exchange Commission during his early career, yet spent much of his life dealing with temperamental icons in two of America’s glitziest businesses.

“Whether you’re negotiating with a Warren Beatty or a Joe DiMaggio, you’re dealing with egos that have an acute notion of how much they’re worth,” he says. “In both cases, the marketplace rules.”

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