“Cool” Cakes In A Hot Climate

For that once-in-a-lifetime wedding cake, summer brides should remember that it may be 90° outside.
This classic three-tier wedding cake is iced with yellow fondant and decorated with live hydrangeas.

An important aspect of a perfect wedding – and the sweet conclusion to the celebration – is the wedding cake. It can be elaborate and flamboyant or simple and chic. Usually it mirrors the style and personality of the bride, as well as the tone and theme of the wedding itself. It is also a work of art.

It is believed that the first wedding cakes, as we know them, were served in England in the 1700s. They were dense fruit and nut cakes covered with fondant or marzipan, which acted as a preservative. It was not until around 1870 that wedding cakes became a tiered confection. Prior to that, bakers lacked the engineering skill to stack layers without the top layer crushing the tiers beneath. Some 20 years later, bakers further refined their technique by separating the cake’s tiers by columns.

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