Chill, but Hot

The five flavors of Thai cuisine have made it a popular favorite with Americans of all ages.
In Damnern Saduak, Thailand, a floating market is the place to buy all the necessary ingredients for the local cuisine.

Thai cuisine is popular fare in Vero Beach, transcending age, gender  and background. This is obvious from the number of local restaurants that feature the flavorful dishes of this Southeast Asian country, all located within a small radius of downtown.

The cosmopolitan nature of Vero Beach residents makes them both eclectic and adventuresome in their food choices. In addition, many well-traveled local residents have visited Thailand and have fond memories of its forested mountains and fertile river valleys in the north, the lush beaches along the Gulf of Thailand in the south and, of course, Bangkok, the largest urban area of the country.

It is often said that the fascination of Thai food is in its contrasts. Five distinct flavors are combined to create a unique taste in a single dish, and the secret lies in the proportion of ingredients used, which add layers of taste, aromas and brilliant colors.

The five flavors in Thai cuisine are sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter. And when you consider Thailand’s climate and geography, you understand the origin of these flavors.

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