The Little Inn That Could

This story begins with a woman’s smile. Glenn Northey was at a South Beach restaurant in Miami when he looked up and saw a beautiful brunette smiling at him. Deciding to seize the moment he had the waitress deliver a drink to her table in hopes of meeting her. He did. Her name was Vera Seemann, he asked for her telephone number and the rest, as they say, is history.

Where Every Child Is a Star

With anticipation shining in her eyes, Shannon Maloney first skipped through the doors of Riverside Children’s Theatre as a second-grader. On her way to an acting class, she was about to discover a world of wonder where she could be a princess or pirate one day, a flower or frog the next. Since then Shannon has participated in numerous classes and workshops that have enhanced her natural acting, dancing and musical abilities; she has also performed onstage and been busy working behind the scenes. For the now high school senior her RCT experiences have been so positive she plans to pursue acting in college.

A Positive Place for Kids

When the last school bell of the day rings at 3 p.m. nearly 18,000 children throughout the county leave their classrooms. Some head home where a parent or caregiver is waiting, some participate in an extracurricular program, and others go off to work – yet far too many are left on their own.

Surfin' Incorporated

For many years, surfing has been prominent in our own home town, largely due to one of the Holy Grails of East Coast surfing: Sebastian Inlet. Some influences are more visible than others, but local icons of surfing are all among us.

Right Place at the Wrong Time

Anthony DeChellis entered Saint Edward’s School in the fall of 1974 as a sixth grader. It was shortly after the DeChellis family moved from New Jersey, settled in The Moorings and enrolled the four boys in the school.

The Lonely Ghosts of Yeehaw Junction

The middle of the day, like the middle of the night, is when time goes slowly. This is when ozone is reaching its daily peak, contributing to the haze of late afternoon, and thunderstorms develop in the west, cumulonimbus clouds towering over each other until they shape themselves into an anvil, when lightning strikes start fires that smoke the horizon and turn pines into blackened stumps.