Capturing Cultures On Canvas

A globe-trotting Navy man, Vining Sherman used his art to immortalize the world he loved.
This block print captures the Southernmost House in Key West, which was built by Vining's maternal grandfather.

Vining Sherman is a vigorous 89 year old whose erect posture, gracious manner and handsome, well-groomed features present the picture of a man comfortably in charge. Which is not too surprising, since he retired from the Navy as a line officer with 28 years of service. Captain Sherman has called Vero Beach home for the past 18 years, living for a dozen years before that on South Merritt Island, near the confluence of the Banana and Indian rivers.

His wife Marion, with whom he shared 62 years of marriage, died a year and a half ago. Marion was Vining’s leading lady, a woman whose sense of adventure equaled his own. As a Navy wife her self-assurance was invaluable to her husband’s career, which kept him away from home and family for months at a time; it also aided them in the exotic travels they took together after Vining retired.

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