Callaway Gardens

In The Garden
The octagonal butterfly house at Callaway houses over 1,000 butterflies, including the first collection of African butterflies in the United States.

What more propitious a place for a land trust meeting than Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia? It is the mission of a land trust to preserve land for all mankind to enjoy, now and forever. So, too, was the dream of Cason and Virginia Callaway when they opened The Gardens of Callaway on May 21, 1952.

The Southeast Land Trust Alli-ance, in conjunction with the Southeast Watershed Forum, held a joint conference at Callaway Gardens in February. The Land Trust Alliance is the national umbrella for land trusts, and the Southeast division is the regional arm under which our own Indian River Land Trust falls. Much could be said about the goals and activities of land trusts, but the focus here is on Callaway Gardens. Suffice it to say that, having Indian River County represented at such an auspicious conference is a hopeful and beneficent state of affairs.

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