But Can They Smile For The Camera?

Pet photography brings as much joy to Jim Dratfield as it does to his clients.
A calico cat seeks refuge in a vase featuring its bigger cousins – lions and tigers and cheetahs. Oh my!

“I have found my niche and I am a happy person!” So exclaimed Jim Dratfield regarding his career as a pet photographer. While his profession in itself is fascinating, the road traveled to get there is even more so. 

Born in Princeton, N.J., Jim was infatuated with the stage, which could probably be ascribed to having parents with theatrical backgrounds. His mother went to Hollywood at the age of 16 to pursue a career as a big band singer touring with the USO (United Service Organizations). She later worked for Thornton Wilder transcribing his writings. Jim’s father was in the film business and distributed documentaries.

In high school Jim acted in most of his school’s theatrical productions. He went on to the University of Colorado where, at the beginning of his sophomore year, he was recruited as an unknown for the lead in a western, “The Legend of Alfred Packer.”

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