Beach-Loving Birds

A Baker's Dozen Of...
Snowy Egret

Maybe the last time you went fishing you wondered about that big white bird with long black legs that stood with you on the catwalk, solemnly watching your every move. Or how about that rascally, omnipresent little seagull at the picnic that tried to snatch a French fry from your hand, then hung around with his buddies and heckled you all afternoon? (Actually it was a gull. According to ornithologists there’s no such thing as a “seagull.”) Or how about that black-and-white gull-sized beach bird with the odd, startlingly long, bladelike lower bill? What’s up with that?

These were, respectively, the great egret, the laughing gull and the black skimmer. They’re among the most familiar of the dozens of bird species that make their living in Florida waters. Some are shy and elusive, while others are actually attracted by human activities and eagerly compete for the tidbits we unwrap or reel in.

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