Basil Basics

As we savor the last of summer’s produce, this versatile herb comes in handy

September is often thought of as a transitional month: The last days of summer are waning, but we aren’t quite ready to usher in fall. Fresh summer veggies are still abundant, with some of them peaking in flavor this time of year. Chances are, you might be sick of grilling out by this point. You’ve no doubt had your fill of burgers and dogs and are looking for a way to bring all that fresh produce indoors and onto the stovetop. One of the easiest — and semi-sneaky — ways to load up on your vegetables is by folding them into a pasta dish. Add in some cheese and nuts for protein and you’ve covered all your nutritional bases. This is definitely the month to make an easy-to-prep stovetop supper while enjoying the gift that is air conditioning, and perhaps with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Who said cooking couldn’t be fun?

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