Author: Photography by Gridley + Graves

Plein Air Paradise

The British West Indies-style home designed by Moulton Layne and built by Croom Construction became home to Dave and Nancy Herbert in 2021 after they spent decades of moving around to follow a career in financial services. Their home in the Floralton Beach area of the barrier island, has a casual, open and airy plan with large windows that create a bright indoor living space.

Tranquil Oasis With A Modern Vibe

What do you do if you’re house hunting and find one that doesn’t quite suit your lifestyle, but whose property and location are exactly what you’ve been looking for? For a couple from the Northeast, the answer was to call on a team of local professionals to make their vision a reality. A year later a newly transformed home reflects the couple’s personalities, interests and experiences thanks to the collaboration of builder Carl Lachnitt, architect Greg Anderson, and interior designer Leah Muller.

C’est Divin!

Having owned a condominium in Palm Beach since the early '90s, Agnes and Yves had grown fond of the coastal lifestyle. As the years went by and work responsibilities began to ease, the idea of building a house overlooking the ocean became increasingly attractive. The idea became a reality 15 months ago, and their home is everything the couple had hoped for.

True Blue

The Ciampas’ heartfelt thank you also extends to architect Harry Howle, Spectrum Interior Design, and Reilly Construction, the team that transformed the 4,800-square-foot John’s Island courtyard home the couple purchased in 2011. Built in the late 1980s from one of three prototypes popular at the time, the form, function and flow of the floor plan were outdated. As Howle points out, “The plan was basically obsolete. Consequently the scope of work became very large.”

The Best Laid Plans

The house on Sandpointe Lane was supposed to be Lynn and Jim Odoms’ retirement cottage, a place where they could settle in and savor the slice of sea-inspired heaven Lynn had so carefully created. With three bedrooms and an office, it was the just the right size for two empty nesters.

For Love Of The Land

When Carol Twyman talks about how she and her husband, Jeff, ended up building a home in John’s Island, the sparkle in her eyes says there’s more to the story than square footage, bricks and mortar. After years of short seasonal stays in their riverfront home near the Environmental Learning Center, the Twymans decided it was time to either renovate or relocate. Jeff was in the process of selling Greenline Foods, a produce company he founded 25 years ago, and looking forward to pursuing other interests. Carol was anticipating spending more time with family and tending to her garden.

Green House By The Sea

“We restored the beach house not just because we wanted to live next to the ocean, but also out of a sense of legacy,” says the owner of a 1940s beach cottage. He continues, “A large Mediterranean house had been approved for the site and it would be a shame to have lost a simple beach house and a small piece of Vero Beach history to a 21st-century monstrosity.”

When Daughter Knows Best

Very few people have heard of Bayou West, and that’s one of the things that made it so appealing to Jim and Laurie Carney. A unique part of Vero Beach history dating back to the early 1970s, it’s a two-story apartment complex behind the Quail Valley River Club at the end of Riomar Drive. After 40 years, it was beginning to show its age, but when the Carneys decided to return to the seaside town where they had begun their married life they zeroed right in on it.