Author: Ginny Stibolt

Make Family Fare A Family Affair

Many of today’s kids might be surprised to find that they like getting dirty and, with some planning, the whole family can have a fantastic time gardening. Even if you have a small area to use, you’ll still be able to squeeze in some attractive vegetable crops that should keep the kids interested.

The Legend of Mary And Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officianalis) is a winter-blooming shrub that grows well throughout Florida. That alone makes it a great choice for your garden. But like a talented actor, rosemary plays multiple roles. It brightens your drought-tolerant landscape, adds flavor to your cooking and aroma to your potpourri. Rosemary has been immortalized in song and classic literature, plus it plays a part in a charming legend of Christmas.

Easy To Grow Winter Vegetables

We here in Florida are fortunate that we can grow cool-weather vegetables right through the winter. It’s a good feeling that when you harvest your own produce, you know how it’s been treated from seed to table.