Author: Ginny Stibolt

Florida's Least Wanted

While the FBI has its list of America’s most wanted criminals, the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FEPPC) has its own list of invasive plants

Flowers Of The Holy Night

The poinsettia, a native of the Mexican desert near Cuernavaca, is the most popular potted plant in this country despite the fact that more than 90 percent are sold in just a six-week period.

The Camels Of The American Garden

While Florida doesn’t qualify as a desert, we do have a seven-month-long dry season; as a result of the heightened demand for water from our growing population, we also have water restrictions on a regular basis

Meadows Are For The Birds

Five hundred years ago when Ponce de Leon landed on our peninsula, it was so richly adorned with wildflowers that, according to local lore, he named it “Florida,” meaning “land of flowers.”

The Right Trees In The Right Place

Trees and shrubs, the woody plants, provide the most obvious structure – the “bones” – of any landscape, and in Florida we have hundreds of wonderful trees and shrubs to choose from.

Sedges, Rushes and Grasses, Oh My!

Grasses and grass-like plants abound in Florida and many are important as crops, habitat, lawns, and garden plants. The majority of these plants have wind-pollinated flowers, which means that they don’t need colorful petals, nectar or scents to attract insects. Even without these showy flower features, many grasses and grass-like plants can still make a significant and lush statement in your landscape.