Author: Photography by Ellen Fischer

Ron Van Sweringen: The Father Of Astroism

“I don’t understand this. I can’t tell you what this is,” Ron Van Sweringen is saying about his abstract paintings. He pronounces his words with the soft vowels of a Southern aristocrat, the emphasis of an old-time revivalist and the rapid delivery of a man with no time to spare. The work in question is a composition of tangled strands and splotches of color that seems to float in the inky blackness of outer space.

Nancy Blair's Glass Menagerie

Nancy Blair is a woman with a history – a herstory, that is. A frank feminist, the 50-something is a sculptor in ceramics, glass and mixed media; an author with five published books to her credit; an educator who teaches ceramics at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and hot-cast glass at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state; a scholar whose specialty is the goddess-centered religions of pre-history and a business owner who started and operated both a successful restaurant and an art reproduction company.