Author: Ann Taylor

Kids Helping Kids

It’s not every day you hear about a teenager who, with his friends, forms an advisory committee to support a non-profit organization, and two years later is honored with a Community Advocate of the Year Award. Yet if you’ve ever met 17-year-old Colby Lufkin you’ll know the depth of his commitment to Guardian ad Litem (GAL), a program that assists children who end up in dependency court. Any hope for a positive future lies in the hands of citizens who volunteer to become part of a court program, acting in the best interests of an assigned child.

Two Hours and Plenty of TLC

When a co-worker invited Dee Giannotti to a Youth Guidance Christmas party she didn’t intend to become involved on a regular basis; volunteering occasionally at a group event maybe

A New Birth For Battered Reefs

When most of us think about the ocean we envision an idyllic scene: sun-splashed, blue-green waters, shimmering waves rolling to the shore and perhaps a fish or two jumping in search of food. Then there’s Kemit-Amon Lewis who will tell you all is not picture-perfect beneath the surface, especially when it comes to coral reefs.

Putting Its Trust in The Lagoon

“It’s good to be involved with something that’s bigger than you are, something that affects the lives of so many people,” says Higgins. “It’s easy to forget how important it is to preserve natural lands so that our children and their children will still be able to walk through the mangroves, see all of the butterflies, lizards, frogs and other creatures. Sometimes we take it all for granted and we really can’t afford to.”