An Unforgettable Chapter

The Tremml family travels to Cuba and discovers just how close we really are.
Glenn, Emily and Will Tremml pull up to their hotel in Havana, Cuba in a 1950s Chevrolet, excited to learn more about Cuba’s culture and its people. The family took a nine-day guided tour in March with a cultural exchange group of 18 Americans ranging in age from 18 to 80, including four 18 to 19 year olds – a bonus for Will.

Saint Augustine described the world as a book. “Those who don’t travel,” he explained, “read only a page.” But 19-year-old Dartmouth freshman Will Tremml plans to read that book cover to cover. He’s already seen quite a bit of the world – Russia, Ireland, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Sweden – and formed friendships with people from all over. So when President Barack Obama announced an easing of the embargo against Cuba in December 2014, Will couldn’t wait to plan a trip with his mom Emily and dad Glenn. 

“Cuba has always seemed so close yet so far away because of the embargo,” Will says. “When I heard the country would be opening up more, I thought it would be a great chance to see Cuba before changes occur to accommodate some kind of American standard. I remember my dad telling me about seeing sub sandwich shops practically next door to ancient temples in China.” 

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