An Eye For Innovation

Bill Gimbel and his art are one of a kind.
Gimbel’s “Hang-Ups” is formed over actual coat hangers.

Bill Gimbel finished breakfast and felt a sense of urgency. The pan was crusted with cooked yolk; the carton was littered with egg shells. He had to do something. 

A self-proclaimed “Renaissance man,” Bill has always seen something extraordinary in the ordinary. With a background in plastics and a knowledge of thermoforming he had only previously used for industrial applications, he thought he might apply it to his art. “So I arranged the eggshells in an artistic composition, took it to my studio workshop, fired up the heater and proceeded to vacuum form over the shells,” he explains. Pleased with the outcome, he painted the three-dimensional image to look like real eggs. 

Voilà – Bill’s first piece of “image art,” or a three-dimensional painting incorporating real-world elements. He called it “Scrambled Eggs.” 

“Simultaneously there was an art show coming up called ‘Mayhem, Chaos and Confusion.’ I said, ‘This is a perfect piece for this show!’ I’m a big believer in serendipity so I entered and I won second place. Then I went nuts because all my previous awards were for two-dimensional pieces.”

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