An Easter Picinic With The Kennedys

Marion Kennedy hail from Scotland, but there's very little that's Scottish in her cooking.

Ask Marion Kennedy if she learned the art of cooking from her mother in their native Scotland, and she’ll tell you “Absolutely not! In fact, I always thought ‘Somebody has to be able to cook better than this!’” The doctor’s wife sums up the history of Scottish cooking in one word—“Oatmeal!”—and laughs at Dr. Samuel Johnson’s famous comment, “The Scots are a dour group who eat food that you give to cattle or horses.”

Marion explains that it has been only during the past 20 years or so that food has come into its own in Britain.  Before that, local produce and venison were exported to Germany, and “wee prawns” went to Spain; local seafood in those days were scallops that had been dived for, not dragged. Now, Marion says, the U.K. is producing mussels and great salmon. And Scotland has its own claim to fame.

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